Friday, May 4, 2007

ah crap

I wrote a long post covering Mike Freeman's post of racist, idiot hatemail he's received (while conveniently ignoring the respectful, unhappy email he got from people like me). Then Safari took a dump on me and I lost the whole thing. I'm redoing in Firefox. Summary: Freeman is a moron who deserves no more attention.

Also, Sean Salmon has a post up at Good stuff.

Better head kick knockout this year?
Or Rashad?

Enter "MMA" in a Youtube search and you'll be entertained for HOURS.

I want Mike Freeman to fight one of these guys:

Chuck Liddell hit Babalu so damn hard Renato started fighting Big John McCarthy.

Randy Couture: "Captain America", or "The Natural". When you got two nicknames you MUST be good.

Takanori Gomi lost a fight, and the other guy had a completely broken face. And tested positive for like 500x the illegal amount of THC after the fight.

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