Monday, April 9, 2007

UFC & Pride Saturday/Sunday

• What the hell happened to Diego Sanchez? I didn't think he was afraid of anyone in the world, and he looked positively timid in the ring against Koscheck. Boring fight!
• Garcia v. Huerta! What a battle! We were standing and cheering, my youngest brother was jacked up.
• Kendall Grove looked good.
• I won the jackpot, and my sister stiffed me. I didn't even get my $5 back. She was bitter that I'd won the poker game we played earlier (Winning $55 in a nickle game is pretty kickass, I have to admit). You know, I was never bitter when she nailed my ass to the wall at earlier fight night games. SO fooey. I did manage to pick 6 out of 9 fights dead on tho. Thanks to Performify at I was wrong (with everyone else) on Serra-St. Pierre, Koscheck-Sanchez, and I picked Garcia over Huerta. Though by the end of the fight I didn't care who won, that's what we watch MMA for, in a lot of good ways. Congrats to those two dudes for bringing it!
• Sanchez-Koscheck may have been just as surprising as Serra-St.P. I mean, who would have thought these two action guys would do their best Tim Sylvia impersonations, standing and jabbing for three rounds? Of course we had to swallow that crap for five rounds when Sylvia had the belt. Just an aside: THANK YOU RANDY.
• I think everyone saw the smile on Matt Hughes' face when Serra took out GSP, but is it warranted? Does he deserve and immediate shot at Serra, or should he still rematch with GSP? Part of me says give someone entirely new the next shot, the other part has to constantly be reminded about how long Hughes defended his belt and how hard he fights. I'm undecided.
• It didn't come on until WAY after midnight. The production values were pretty poor, often with some simple graphic left up for long periods of time. Soukodjou was impressive, knocking out Arona in the first round with a viscious uppercut. This kid looks good but my bro asked me: Who does he fight? Fedor? Fedor would DEVASTATE Soukodjou. But I thought Nog would too, soo.....
• Butterbean apparently didn't fight. My brother was sad (everyone else was pretty much passed the hell out, and I was on my way...drinking and poker and a whole fight card had passed already...), a little, but I didn't notice (see parenthetical note)
• I was excited to see Zelg Galesic fight in the big ring, and he really didn't disappoint, even showing us the feared sack drop on Takimoto's face, but it didn't work out in the end, and he was submitted. His strikes are still awesome though. He's a kid.
• Frye, Shinjo, two old guys who got whupped. James Thompson has almost no striking power, and got dropped in the first ten seconds, but Frye soon gassed and was whacked in the grill repeatedly. He eventually gave up his back and the ref stepped in. Everyone kept joking that he looked better than Donna Frye, our San Diego councilwoman. I think her moustache is a little less distinctive.
• The founder of Pride brought out two old school rivals in Sakuraba and Tanamura, with Sakuraba in a weird mask the whole time. Then he talked for about 74 hours. They would not stop talking. On and on. My word.

More as I think it over.

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