Monday, April 16, 2007

Saturday Bodogfight

• Fedor did what Fedor does: dominate. Lindland clipped him over the eye, brought out some of the red, red vino, but it wasn't much. Matt Lindland tried some greco-roman action, and actually had Emelianenko up off his feet, but when he tried a slam, Fedor reversed it like he so often does, seemingly in mid-air, and that was the beginning of the end for Matt. Still, a good fight. Brutal armbar ended it.

• Sherdog's round by round blog is funny as hell:

10:18 p.m. During his pre-fight interview, Aleks uses the non-word "fiercefully." You tell him it doesn't exist.

He also mentioned up-and-coming PRIDE Light Heavyweight fighter Sudoku.

• Bodogfight put on a decent show. Lots of skinny Russian girls.

Like her.

• It seems Bodogfight is turning into an "organization"...belts and all. It felt a bit disorganized, like, who's the champ? Why? They also did the same shit UFC does, not show fights. I freaking hate that. SEVEN fights were not televised. We paid $30 bucks for six fights and endless, boring talkup. Just show fights! Screw the blather! I don't care! Arrgh! Blarrgh!

• The Welterweight championship featured Nick "The Goat" Thompson vs. a tiny midget. The midget looked game, but overmatched, as he was tiny. The Goat won.

Other stuff:
• I didn't make it to the Total Combat event in San Diego, as I decided to stay home and have a long boring talk about my relationship (all my decision of course). (Great site!) has results & pictures.
Here's a good one:

If anyone has an actual, firsthand report from the event, drop me a line. Here's another "Bodog Girl" for the road:

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