Friday, April 20, 2007


I'm trying to track down info on North County Fight Club to feature on the site. Manny Rodriguez, KOTC Heavyweight champ, and Jason Lambert, who recently busted my card by beating the living hell out of Renato Sobral (who beat Shogun, by the way), are current fighters for NCFC, as well as Eddie Sanchez, who was recently TKO'd by Mr. Cro Cop. That is not the last you'll hear from Sanchez, in any event. Rest assured that I'll post anything I hear.
I met Manny at the pub in San Marcos, Churchill's, and frankly have not run into a more mellow, laid-back big guy in a while. You know, it's the guys who just chill and could care less that you have to be the most careful about. Like "Ha, sure, take a shit on my head, what does it matter? Enjoy your rehab!" then your arm is across the street in the baseball field. Just thinking.

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