Monday, August 2, 2010

Random thoughts UFC on Versus 2 edition

I posted some thoughts over at MMA-Report.
Unrelated: I read a lot of stuff in my news feed, and I end up seeing CP and MiddleEasy and Fightlinker report on War "John "War Machine" Koppenhaver" Machine a lot. I don't want to. That guy is irrelevant to the sport, and boring. I know some people get a laugh out of it but I don't.
Dan Severn won his 94th victory. Dude is 52. GO DAN.
It's old news that Roxy got KOd, and I'm still bummed out about it, but I'm looking forward to her triumphant return. Roxy, you're the best! Defeat will only drive you higher!
Good fucking lord I cannot wait to see Randy Couture grab a clinch on Toney, throw him on the ground, and elbow his face until it looks like burned lasagna. There is no one more annoying than him in the sport right now. And this is a sport that features Chael Sonnen, so that's quite a feat. Also, can everyone, please, stop talking up Toney like he's one of the best ever in boxing? He was an overrated boxer with excellent KO power who got dinged TWICE for juicing. He put on 30lbs of cheeseburger weight to get to heavyweight and schooled some dudes, sure. But he's no goddamn all-time great. It disrespects the real all-time greats like Robinson, Ali, Chavez, Leonard and Hagler to call him that. NOT SO. Don't fuck around on the feet, Randy. Drag him down, pound him out, send him the fuck home. Dude should have taken Kimbo.

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