Monday, August 9, 2010

So I did it.

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I managed to stay away from UFC 117 in a possibly (entirely) misguided attempt at a protest. I did follow the updates from ringside at various sites. Sounds like some good fights. I question the need for Sonnen-Silva 2, however, without Sonnen winning a fight. Same thing with Vitor Belfort, though, I don't get why he has an immediate title shot when he's never once won a fight at 185lbs in the UFC. The guy who deserves a shot, in my eyes, is Yushin Okami, but it's hard to say go on that fight since he got beat so thoroughly by Scumbag Sonnen already.

I went 8-3 in my picks for 117, missing on Hallman, Hughs, and Story. Great win for Rick Story, by the way. Where the hell does McLovin Hazelett go from here? He's on a bit of a stumble.

Junior Dos Santos took a great step forward in handling a very, very tough heavyweight. I don't like his chances against Brock Lesnar or Cain Velazquez, to be honest, but he can find anyone's chin. Nelson is great at protecting his chin and absorbing shots. I don't think either of the fighters scrapping for the belt next are as good at keeping their chins protected, so it should be a short and violent contest with JDS.

Can we finally, once and for all, for the last time, stop calling Thiago Alves a welterweight contender? While he's got ferocious strikes, if you can't make your goddamn weight, which he's failed as often as not to acheive, you're not a fighter at that weight class. He's not a 170lb fighter. End of story. I think he'll get dominated even worse at the upper echelons of 185, too. I can see him catching some KO's, and being "durable", but he's got to make some serious changes and find a way to make 170. I think he gets killed at 185 against anyone at say Alan Belcher's level.

And to everyone who doubted Captain Caveman Clay Guida? Nyahhh!

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