Friday, June 18, 2010

Bellator, etc

Because of the utter deliciousness of the Lakers' 16th NBA championship and the accompanying press coverage, FSN didn't bother showing Bellator anywhere near where I thought they would, and I just read up on the fights. Apparently Hornbuckle just got smothered by Askren. It doesn't sound like lay and pray either. I'm looking forward to a spirited bout with Lyman Good, who is a beast. I wonder why he hasn't fought since winning the tournament, like Eddie Alvarez and Joe Soto have? Odd.
Askren controlling Hornbuckle's sub attempts makes me wonder if he's got very good sub defense or if he's just fought subpar fighters? Hornbuckle looks legit, but you can't tell. If Askren's a top-tier guy we'll have to see him against other top-tier guys.
The Strikeforce: Los Angeles show was damn weird. The main event was an eyesore, having to listen to Mauro Ranallo talk hurt my head, and can we FINALLY stop mentioning Zaromskis ever again?
Looking forward to the approximately nine million commercials I'll get to digest during the TUF Finale. Nothing like the same game commercials over and over and. over. again. to make your brains bleed into your spinal column.
Couture-Toney is "official"...why do I feel sad?

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