Saturday, January 24, 2009

WEC 38 Weigh-ins

Seconds later I energetically jumped into MTB's fist. Its catching!

I wasn't able to get a fix on when they were happening, so I took a guess and jammed down to the Sports Arena with my brother around 130pm. We were working on his house, so I was lucky I remembered to bring a camera. We lucked out, and the Q&A that was supposedly for paying UFC Fight Club members featured some of the lax-est security ever, and we just strolled in. I tried sitting in the media section but got scooted out. Damn WEC not responding to my credentials request. Pfft.
I don't want to do the whole rundown but it was pretty cool. Condit, Brown and Mir did about a half hour, 45 minute or so Q&A with the fans, they had mics set up in the aisles. I couldn't think of anything to add. Apparently, Mir likes to get laid before fights. The guys were chill, and afterwards went and mingled with the crowd.
Fighters I shook hands with: Mike Brown, Carlos Condit, Frank Mir.
Fighters I waved at who noticed and waved back/and or talked from afar: Ryan Bader, Leonard Garcia, Jens Pulver (he gave me the KISS devil-tongue thing when I gave him the satan fingers), Jaime Varner.

Frank Mir looks sad because I smell really bad. Like, sewer bad.

Blas Avena had a huge contingent there, then came in overweight by .5, dropped trou in front of his mom, then flashed 75% of the audience with his junk. I left before I found out if he made weight. I'm hungry and want to see Affliction.
The beautiful 'n' ubiquitous Tracy Lee was there. Apparently she jumped in her ride and headed for Affliction after the weigh-ins.

My brother is taller than Carlos Condit, but I'm not

All in all, awesome to be out there. There was a dad with his little girl there who was getting autographs in her Little Mermaid book. That girl ruled. Mike Brown is as normal a dude as you can run into. Condit had to shake with his left because something happened to his right. Vera and Mir chatted off stage after Vera's fighter weighed in (forgot his name, honestly). More funny stuff happened, but I'll do a longer post later.


Reverend Clint said...

thats pretty sweet but you didn't wear a fightlinker shirt

kentyman said...

You forgot your "I'M With Fuck Face" t-shirt:

Eric Kamander said...

Very cool. Look forward to the long version.

What's with the smell, is that normal? And did it stop Mir from getting any?

Reverend Clint said...

I think Frank was sad cause you look like a retarded cancer victim and he figured you could die at any moment.

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