Thursday, January 8, 2009

Armbar, I guess that's what you call it

Thanks to Andrei Arlovski's boxing coach, Freddie Roach, many BJJ fans are all up in boxing's grill in the last few days. Here's a few submission vids that bring it. If you have a special BJJ/Submission Grappling video you like (or one of you submitting someone!) post it in the comments, I want to see.

Turn off the sound...nothing but Metallica. But the last two literally made me gasp, and I've already seen them many times.

Old School...Here's Helio Gracie being introduced to a guy named Kimura.

This is Shinya Aoki teaching Nagata that you can indeed gogoplata from the top. Bonus: Bas Rutten calls it an omoplata. Bas is way more well known for his liver kicks.

Here's a sweet HL video of Masakazu "Ashikan Judan" Imanari, the leg lock master. There's some other funny stuff in there too. The guy is seriously insane and awesome. He was featured on the armbar HL video above.

Don't in any way take this as disrespect for Freddie Roach, the guy's boxing track record speaks for itself. But as far as MMA? He's a newb. I'm sure he knows that and was pretty much engaged in turd-stirring, which is valid. Frank Mir just successfully deployed some seriously little-remarked-upon misdirection leading up to his fight with Big Nog (anybody got a link for that? I know I didn't dream it. I think I didn't).
Speaking of Mir, I really hope he tears some part of Brock Lesnar off. I know Dana White would cry, cry, cry for like seven weeks if that happened, watching the PPV dollars go sliding away with Brock Lesnar's roid-powered teeny hammerfists, but fuck those guys. I want BJJ to win, not roid-rasslin.

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