Thursday, August 7, 2008


I've been ignoring this little son of a bitch haven't I? Vacation, life, etc. Too much yakking on Fightlinker. Wev!
I just noticed they're putting up fight-worn gear from Forrest Griffin for auction.
Fight-Worn Forrest Griffin Gear Being Auctioned Off for Charity
Seeing that made me think about the fact that Griffin's win didn't really fill me with joy. His beatdown of Shogun, I was just thrilled. It was awesome, the guy showed a ton of heart and a huge tank and went for the finish. The win over Rampage was just...tame by comparison. It wasn't very interesting. Griffin's persona is OK, his story is all right, but for some reason the "TUF guy wins the belt" thing didn't do much for me. What is he, the third TUF competitor to get a title shot after the show? Second to win it. I guess it depends on who he defends against, and how he does. Seems unlikely they'll give him a powderpuff opponent, or that he'd accept one.
I don't know what it is about that fight, but it left me feeling a bit uninterested, like I wasn't really engaged in the first place. Kind of like BJ's win over Sherk. OK, it's cool that he won, and he was pretty dominant, I hold nothing against the guy, great work. But overjoyed? Even excited? Nope.
Hopefully GSP and Fitch put on a good show this weekend. I wouldn't mind seeing Herring-Lesnar go a couple rounds. I have a feeling Heath is going to find a way to win this fight. He's a tough dude with a whole lot of experience. We'll have to see.
Kenny Florian-Roger Huerta is being talked up like a FOY candidate...I don't know about that. I think Kenny's going to walk all over this kid. Huerta's got a bright future, but so did Joe Lauzon, and you see what happened to him, eh?

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