Friday, August 15, 2008

google reader blues

One problem with MMA right now is its size...relative to a lot of other sports it's in its infancy. There's simply not a whole lot of news every day, unlike say baseball, with its MLB, minor league, college, high school, and other teams, and hundreds of players who may at any second go insane or kill someone or do something else that's newsworthy. So some days, you end up with only a couple notable stories. Today it's Rampage's arraignment being delayed. I've seen that in my newsreader (google reader) at least 15 times today. It's barely news. But there it is again! Due to the vagaries of RSS feeds I'll probably be getting it for the next five days. Sherdog's in particular seems to update in spurts...nothing all day, then 50 stories in a row. Like they're jacking off into my google. How dare you!
Well, there's a ShoXC card later tonight, hopefully it doesn't suck. If anything happens, I'll fuckin' blog about it! Yeah! WOOO!

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