Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Noons "ducking" Diaz? Please.

Image property Tom Casino/EliteXC

Lots of places are reporting on Jared Shaw's weak-ass smack talk on KJ Noons. They're swallowing the whole thing like chumps. According to Shaw, Noons "won't even pick up the phone" or some shit. I'd say that if a professional fighter with a management company isn't picking up calls from a promoter, it's because they've exhausted their options in some way or another. Or it's a ploy for more money, which is exactly what Shaw is doing.

Left to right: Jared Shaw, a penis. Separated at birth? Compelling...if true.
First off, all of the hot air coming out over this is from the lips of Jared Fucking Shaw. There's a few people out there who just hate KJ Noons, mainly jackass potheads from central CA (the third state of California...I so wish they'd secede), because he totally destroyed their mush-mouthed whiny pothead hero. Jared Shaw opens his mouth and they happily repeat whatever he says because it validates what they think already, not because it has any merit on its own. We don't know if it has merit: we don't know what's really going on. Is there a big-time dispute over contract language? Did Gary Shaw show up with no pants on at KJ's cousin's bar mitzvah? Did the Noons camp suddenly realize they couldn't work with a diseased scabies mound like Jared Shaw? We don't know. So to yap that anyone's ducking anyone without all the information is stupid.

Second, a lot of folks think this EliteXC CBS card coming up is the be-all, end-all of MMA in the entire history of the universe. It's not. It's important for EXC, and for MMA journalists who stand to make a better living if the thing goes mainstream, and for fans who are deeply invested. But if EXC fails, that just means that there's more fighters for other orgs and the price goes down. I have zero doubt that right now Noons' management is basically trying to soak every penny they can out of EXC. I doubt they'd agree that the sun was up if it may cost them a buck.
That of course is just my opinion. Could be that Noons is fucking terrified of Diaz, and hides under his bed shivering if he hears anyone lisping nearby. BUT WE DON'T KNOW. That's the point. I'm not taking anything Shaw says at face value. His interests do not lay with the truth. They lay with making as much money as he can. A big time repeating network deal can make him fuckin' truckloads of money (more power to him I suppose. Take care of your fucking employees though, prick), and that is what needs to be considered when reading what he says. Just like you can parse everything Dick Cheney says in relation to his love of eating tiny helpless babies alive, you can parse everything either Shaw says with their love of making stinking oodles of cash.

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