Tuesday, August 7, 2007

more roids

Here's the MMAweekly.com article from earlier this year looking at drug tests for MMA fighters in CA. A couple interesting points in the article that make it, in my mind, kind of irrelevant:
The first one made me think...whoa, that's a lot of boxers...

In addition to 31 professional boxers in the same time period, 23 mixed martial artists tested positive for banned substances in the past year, and the complete list of these fighters can be found below.

The next comment kind of made me go "Eh? What's the point of this story?"

You may notice in the list below that not a single fighter tested positive for steroids over the past year in California. This is because there has been no steroid testing in California over the past year. This will change in April 2007, according to CSAC head Garcia, who said, "No steroid policy has ever been in place in California. Obviously, I was not satisfied by this." Starting in April, a total of approximately 25 fighters per month will be tested for steroids in California, and any fighter who tests positive for steroids will be suspended for six months and fined $2,500.

So...no steroids testing at all? And when the do start testing, dudes start popping up positive? Apparently they started at the end of March, and we end up with this. Looking hard at it is making me realize how hard it is to get a handle at this. there's a lot of fighting going on around the country, as well.
Let's hope smarter folk than me are getting their mitts in this. either legalize, or test properly. that's all there is to it.

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