Wednesday, July 4, 2007

nice writeup

at of the upcoming UFC 73 "Stacked", which I saw a small aircraft towing an advertisement for today at the beach, specifically it mentioned Tito vs. Rashad. And Tito complains that the UFC doesn't advertise him enough. Feh


Kris said...

Tito definitely gets enough press in my opinion. I mean, his fight should probably be the #3 fight on this card with the 2 title fights taking center stage but he draws people in plain and simple (look at UFC 66) and the UFC just has to prioritize based on $$$ not how important a fight necessarily is.

Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to his fight with Rashad I just think it is receiving too much attention.

garth2 said...

i agree with all your points... let tito fight, and promote him in line with everyone else. if he was a title holder, that's a different thing, but he's not. i don't hate or like tito, i just think he's a loudmouth. and hearing him whine about not getting promoted makes you just wanna throw an egg at him.

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