Monday, July 16, 2007

I don't know what to say about this

Okay, Joe Riggs fought Nick Diaz in February of 2006. Unanimous decision, Riggs. I didn't see this fight, I'll try and track down a video. Anyhow, after the fight, Riggs and Diaz end up in the same hospital. You go to the hospital after a fight pretty much no matter what, from what I understand. You get a piss test, and checked out for the medical reports. What happened there?

Riggs: Yea. I had an IV going. My blood was spraying everywhere. It was like a horror movie. I’m kneeing him and telling his brother, I’m like, come get your brother off of me. He was like, nothing I can do, man. No. His brother, that guy is an idiot, just hanging off his ball sack like a barnacle. I swear to God, I thought he was all for show. Nick Diaz is legitimately nuts. He’s crazy.

And from Diaz:
Trigg: Nick, do you take medication?

Diaz: No. I don’t take no f#%king medication. Come on man.

I cracked up like 15 times reading that. Riggs has never struck me (thankfully) as an idiot, but few fighters make me go "Hey, I want to discuss philosophy with that cat!" But man, Nick Diaz makes Riggs look like a fuggin GENIUS. I respect the hell out of Diaz' talent, but he comes off as such. a. knucklehead. Him and his brother. But man, what a crazy story. I'd like to see what the non-participants saw, get a third party account. But damn.

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