Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New article from Sam

Sam Caplan from Five Ounces of Pain has a new article up on CBS Sportsline: The Top Ten Underachievers in MMA. I like the idea and don't feel it's a slam or anything. Saying someone's underachieving means you think they're good to begin with. Additionally, that's one thing I love about MMA: You can root for a fighter with a bad record. You can pull for a guy with an 0-3 record because MMA is so tough, anyone can get caught. It's not like boxing where if you Mayweather your way around, tagging pillow-jabs on a slower fighter, and hand-speed and cardio get you through. Sure, there's some fights like that (Sylvia-Arlovski 3, Arlovski-Werdum, Griffin-Sanchez), but far, far fewer. You have to engage in MMA, and if you do, you can get nailed, whoever you are, period.

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