Monday, May 10, 2010

More two-facedery

I dunno if two-facedery is a word and I don't care. Dana White said some nice things about Kimbo Slice, but he still got cut. The article brings up a valid point, why not just pay the guy to sit on the bench? It'll keep him out of Strikeforce or MFC's bouts, or whoever else has the cash to throw him in against tomato cans.
While White says letting Kimbo go is about the "integrity", he still has fat, slow-talking, former world-class knockout artist James Toney coming into the UFC. What's with that? I guess the "boxer fighting MMA" angle is all right, but honestly no one cares that much. Bring in a boxer in his prime against a mixed martial artist in his prime, that's what I'd like to see.
Also, I think Randy Couture will get knocked out by Shogun if they match up after the Toney fight. PLUS! Why the hell are they talking about not even lining up Rua's first defense until probably December? Holy shit, it's MAY. That guy needs to fight at least once more time before 2011. Hopefully twice. The UFC is turning very boxing-like with the huge delays between title defenses.

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