Sunday, May 9, 2010

Daley says he's sowwy

After having "time to consider" his fuck-uppery, Paul Daley issued a statement apologizing. He misses the point that, even though his knee didn't connect, it was clearly illegal anyway, and thrown with the damn intention to foul. Koscheck was on all fours, for dog's sake.
One thing that keeps getting repeated is that it would be good to give "such a talented fighter" another shot. Correction: Daley is a talented big puncher. He is NOT a talented fighter. A talented fighter can get out from under Kos, or not get taken down in the first place. A talented fighter is multi-dimensional, and a one-trick prick like Kos wouldn't sit on him and rub afro-sweat in his stupid mug all night. A talented fighter is someone like George St. Pierre, who can fight from wherever he ends up.

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