Sunday, September 20, 2009

UFC 103

Mirko Cro Cop Filipovich needs to hang up the gloves, or honestly approach the sport anew. His game is done. A younger, stronger fighter, just like Gabe Gonzaga, pressed the action and beat him pretty handily. It looked like he had an opportunity to push back, but instead just pushed, with open unclenched hands, for some reason. Dos Santos proved some shit, he took some shots and showed some cardio. He's big, fast, and hits hard. But Cro Cop is...just done. Embarrassing done.
Franklin didn't show a lot vs. Belfort. Vitor laid a simple shot on him and he laid on his face. Knowing Franklin for these last few years I'm betting it was a hard fucking shot, but man, he seemed to eat harder shots from Anderson Silva and stay standing for a while. Either Vitor is that good or they have to feed Franklin some softies to build his name back up before they throw him in against some aging star in a catchweight bout again.
Koscheck made Trigg look as bad or worse than Cro Cop. Time's up Frank. That ended up worse than Ken Shamrock's attempt at one more big money fight.
Hermes Franca came in looking fat, missing weight, and getting knocked the fuck out. What exactly is he fighting for nowadays? A paycheck? He got that. He didn't get anything else other than a beating though.
Overall an OK event. They showed a lot of fights...but I wasn't out of my seat at any point. 6 out of 10.

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