Thursday, September 24, 2009

holey shi'ite

that shit they put on Spike TV was so goddamn terrible I think my kidney fell out. What kind of a fight was that? Can you have a point deduction for being a complete joke? Additionally, Spike likes to eff with fighter's records for some reason...that McSweeney character, whose cardio looked only awful in comparison to that other dude's absolute anti-cardio, is at 3-4 according to Sherdog. But Spike listed him at 3-3, so maybe he lasts a while and they didn't want to show him as a losing-record fighter every time.
As for the relative gas tanks of these guys, Justin Wren noted on his TUF blog that they were fighting the same day as the previous fight, they hadn't become accustomed to the lights, cameras, and weird space they were fighting in. That can lead to an adrenalin dump, I'd guess. But MAN, they've seen the show. They gotta be able to go one stinking round without gassing out. Both guys were done at the end of two.
The verbal sparring between Rampage and Rashad is already old. The "I say something and then you say something then we both repeat the same things we just said for an hour" jawboning they do is just annoying. Hopefully 'Page isn't really retiring, because if we don't see those two fight I'll be totally pissed.
Wren promises on his blog that they showed the two most boring fights first. I hope he's right. If either of the four fighters we've seen so far end up in the finals, well...that's not good. Who will be this year's Josh Haynes? Wait and see.

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