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WEC Pulver vs Faber

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Well, the live event is starting up. In stark contrast to last night's EliteXC event they're airing it at 6pm when it's actually happening instead of leaving to wait. It's on the west coast but still.
First up is Razor Rob vs Kenneth Alexander. I don't know Alexander at all, but Rob lost his belt to Jaime Varner in his last fight. Varner escaped after trying to call timeout and Rob didn't pursue to finish him. Ah, regrets. Lots of commercial breaks so far.
Todd Harris is a decent play by play guy, and I've always liked Frank Mir. Wonder how he'll do in TUF.
Alexander's nick name is "The Black Ninja". Shouldn't they just call him "The Ninja"? It's like, Chinese food is just "food" in China. This is a big fight for Rob. If he loses, he's out of the picture. Alexander looks in shape. Who knows what kind of skill level he brings though...the CSAC wouldn't let him go in there against someone who was totally outmatched would they?
They're walkin' out.
Alexander vs McCullough
ROUND ONE: Razor Rob looks confident and calm. He's got Tiki Ghosn in his corner though, and TIki's suckitude may infect him. Be very careful, that's a lot of suck. Frank Mir is talking him up like a motherfucker. Rob is a good fighter, but come on Frank. There's a kickass vid of him and Nam Phan in TJ on Youtube somewhere. Look it up. Finally, "official introductions". Can't they streamline this shit somehow? They spend half an hour introducing these guys, then introduce them all over again in the ring. Feh!
OK, here we go. Josh Rosenthal refs. He sounds like the guy from YAMMA.
Feeling out. I didn't realize this was a rematch. Rob's nervous as fuck about the takedown. He takes Alexander down instead and holds up against the cage.
Not a lot happening.
Alexander gets up. head kick from alexander. Rob takes it. Still feeling out. Straight hand from Alexander. Shot stuffed by Rob, pops Alexander with a right. Straight kick from Alexander. Leg kick from McCullough. Again. boos coming down. McCullough's stalking Alexander. Headkick tried by Alexander. Alexander looks bigger than McCullough. Clinched against the fence. Shot attempt by Alexander, knee by Rob clipped him, the shot was shrugged off. Cut on McCullough. Ends with an uppercut try by Alexander. Sacramento fans are just as lame as NJ fans, they're booing. I'd give the round to Rob but not by much, neither guy did a lot but Rob landed a couple better strikes.
They replayed the knee on the shot attempt and it missed (from the first round). Still wandering around the cage. Bodylock takedown by Alexander. McCullough sneaks out and pops up. Not much happening again. Fake shot by Alexander nearly popped Rob. Rob needs to do more.
Looks like both guys are trying to counter punch. Headkick by Alexander connects. More wandering around the cage. Uppercut by Alexander. Alexander acted like he got kicked in the nuts. Robs starting to connect a little. He's still nervous about the shot. Leg kicks from McCullough. More boos. Still feels like the first round. Cut kick straight left from Rob. Takedown by alexander. Can't keep Rob down. Another takedown by alexander. Frank Mir isn't impressed with Alexander's top control at all. More booing. Fucking stupidass fans. I'm glad I'm not an MMA judge. Two takedowns by Alexander but not a lot of other shit going on. Kind of a boring fight..
Kicks from rob to the leg. Looks like the other two rounds. I think Alexander is losing. His corner thinks he's winning. Shot and a kick from Rob. Junky stuff, Alexander tries a shot to knee transition but Rob blocks it. Crazy seat-banging noise from the crowd. They were chanting "Fight, fight fight!"
Nice kick from Rob. Trading occasional punches. Alexander is barely moving
knees from Rob. Holding up against the cage. But shot from Rob, fight is paused. Right on the cup and Rob knew it. Mir makes a joke about iron crotch kung fu.
Restarted. McCullough is pushing. Shot sprawl up in the clinch. Trading occasional blows again, clinch, push away. Fake shot again by Alexander, picks a kick and ankle trips Rob down. then sits in Robs guard, rob gets back up and away. Trading some more. Round ends, more booing. Fuckin crowd at Arco needs to get in a ring and see how they like it. Dicks. Eh, I'd give Rob a split decision. Could go either way. We'll see. Not much going on, lots of cut kicks and leg kicks from Rob. A few strikes from Alexander but not much. A couple takedowns. Alexander didn't seem to do near enough to win the fight.
Here's the decision. 30-27 Rob x2, 29-28 Alexander, Razor Rob takes a split decision. Crowd boos again. Shut up already you a-holes. Rob mentions Alexander was a soldier in the military and the crowd quiets a little. Dopes.
They interviewed Jaime Varner. He's got a terrible, terrible haircut.
Mark Munoz vs Chuck Grigsby
Munoz is a champion wrestler apparently.
ROUND ONE: Grigsby came out to Rage Against the Machine, so I'm rooting for him. Apparently Munoz is the guy they're trying to build up. Grigsby is enormous tho, 6' 6" for a 205lber is tall as hell. They're finally getting to the fifteenth introduction. This is the "official" one.
Shot into a near northsouth choke. Grigsby is stalking him back. Munoz got staggered with an uppercut. Munoz has no standup. Munoz takes him down to side control. Strikes from the top, Grigsby got back to guard. NOt exactly BJJ experts here. Decent top strikes from Munoz, big punch on a guard pass. Side control again for Munoz.
Munoz is raining down strikes now. Another big punch to guard pass, knocked him out. Munoz wins via TKO. Nice job by Munoz. Desi picked him to win and she's being smug.
I like fighters who deliver punishment on the guard pass (see URL). Nicely done by Munoz, Grigsby's reaction will likely by "I shouldn't have gone for the leglock".

Donald Cerrone vs Danny Castillo
ROUND ONE: "somebody's Oh Must Go." I hate that shit. So far all the main card fights feature dudes from Sacramento. Cowboy looks tight. Cowboy has a guns thing on his banner and "Jesus didn't". Fucking hilarious. Mazzagati looking cleanshaven. Body knee from Cerrone, missed kick by Cerrone leads to a takedown, ground fighting, to an armbar try by Cerrone, it's in, it's over. Sub win by Cerrone. Little bit of a mismatch there. Castillo didn't look like he had a chance.

Miguel Torres vs. Yoshiro Maeda five rounds for the bantamweight title.
Oh noz! Miguel Torres shaved the dirt stache! Still rockin the meximullet tho baby. Maeda walking out to the Beastie Boys. I bet he got it from Guitar Hero. Hey! Clay Guida ringside. Herb "The Predator" Dean in there officiating. Torres walks out to some mariachi music. Some of those mariachi songs are about hardcore shit. I like the fact that Torres walks out in a t-shirt and that's it. Not a bunch of shit to take off. Miguel is mad dogging Maeda a little. I didn't realize how young Maeda is, only 26. Maeda is maddogging right back. Lots of sponsors for Torres, including shoestore
ROUND ONE: Here we go! no glove touch...angry little dudes. Torres slipped on a kick goes down. Torres just ape rushes with beautiful strikes. Slips again. man Torres has some crazy striking. Torres is bleeding from the nose.
nearly grabbed an arm bar/shoulder lock, maeda escapes and does some brutal leg kicks while torres is down. fast and furious! lots of kicks from Torres. Axe kick from Maeda. Superman punch from Maeda. Lots of strikes. wild action. Maeda is delivering some punishment too. Heel kicks from his back by torres. crazy round! I love this! body knee staggers maeda. he comes back with some kicks. Wow, heck of a round. Mir is mentioning that Torres seems really angry, and he's fighting emotionally. I'd give the round to Torres but just by the thinnest margin. Maeda looked great, but Torres pressed a lot and seemed to land more strikes.
leg kick maeda, head kick Torres. Torres hits the floor, invites maeda down, he refuses, torres does a weird butt jumping upkick and scrambles up. They're going to to toe right now it's great. Frank Mir is about to orgasm over this fight. Maeda is really trying to pick the leg on kicks a lot. Torres should go high. Great action against the cage. Leg lock toe hold attempt by Maeda. Competing toe holds. locked upon the ground like it was Pancrase. this is awesome. Scrambling! Torres trying to take the back, backwards elbow from Maeda. back to guard triangle try. Maeda stands back up. Torres trying a guillotine against the cage, to the mount. elbows! ouch maeda defending well. Torres gets the round right at the end. Wow!
Frank Mir says it's the best fight he's ever seen in his life I can't argue. Hard jab from Torres. big knee. Maeda has a hard head. Maeda looks a little more cautious then bang catches a big left. Torres still stalking. Throwing long left jabs. flurry of strikes from both. Torres is battering him with jabs. Maeda's eye might be closing. Torres is outboxing him this round, big knee to punches for torres. Good shot from Maeda. Boddy kick by Torres. Kick barely misses by Torres. Still banging, Maeda seems to be fading a bit. taked won by Maeda, to full guard. Torres is bleeding, Maeda is sitting in his guard not doing much. Torres is still on the attack from his back. back up. Maeda's eye is closing. hard punches, Maeda can't see very well. Torres' quality is coming through. Maeda is fucking game though. wow what a fight.
ROUND FOUR: AAWWW FUCK it's over. damn damn damn. what a great fight.
Damn Maeda's eye was fucked up. Torres sure looks like he was in a fight. Classy show by both guys, they walked around the cage holding the other's arm up. Torres is tough as fuck. Sacramento loves this guy. He sure delivered.

Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver Five rounds for Faber's WEC featherweight belt
Faber looks retarded in cornrows. Please just cut your hair. Emily just IMd me "Battle of the awful hair!!!!" It's true. Holy shit too much talking. Jens coming out to AC/DC, rock! Clay's getting as much facetime as anyone is in this event. Crowd's going nutty for Urijah. Snoop Dogg? dr. dre? City of Compton? wrong city. meh, i don't know that song. the ring announcer said it was sold-out, but i don't think they sold the place out. God damn Faber looks solid and cut. Jens looks a little less cut.
ROUND ONE: nice round for faber, a lot on the feet, surprisingly. only on the ground for a secound or two. I'm not really blogging this one, i'm just watching.
ROUND TWO: OW MY NUTS. Jens seems ok.
ROunds so on, what a crazy fight. I'm digging this, i'm totally enrapt. Pulver's face is growing.
Wonder what they were talking about with the ref...
great battle. not as good as maeda-torres, but awesome.
this event was so much fucking better than last night's elitexc show it's hard to describe. great event, too bad the main event couldn't finish on the mat.

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