Wednesday, June 18, 2008


so jesse kicks out a window and raises some hell. chris leben was in jail. john koppenhaver was in jailfor beating a guy up on the street. emerson was in court for gang charges.

they just crucified this this kid for nothing. what a fucking gyp. that's retarded. it seems like a transparent attempt to get that idiot CB back in the finals.

CB and Tim both showed heart in the matchup they made to determine a replacement. I score it for Tim by a razor thin margin on activity and punches. Now I'm not sure.
Could be CB unanimous. like 9.9-10 rounds. But I dunno. I'll post this before the decision.

Whoever wins, Amir is the man. No one else display the heart and determination and chin he did. I hope he wins.

CB by unanimous decision. He should get beat again by Amir.

Dana gave them both a double win bonus, $10K. It's stupid, however. I didn't mention CB and Amir's first fight, but it was pretty awesome. Amir took a beating on his back (way more action from CB on top than the second fight), and kept coming and coming, bleeding all over. At the end he scored an armbar and tapped the arrogant joker Dalloway out.


MMA! said...

Yeah, Amir impressed me. For someone who is a stand up fighter he has a good grasp of the basics.

It's been a crappy season so kicking Jessie out was their last chance at some drama. Dana told Jessie to call him back in a few months. He didn't do that with the previous house rejects he kicked out.

garth2 said...

why oh why didn't they have Page respond to the netting incident? he could have caught forrest in one of those lasso-on-the-ground traps like in the cartoons. MAGIC.

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