Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wild Weekend...

shit, this is even bigger than YAMMA, baby. The very first live MMA broadcast Saturday on CBS, and WEC 34 on Sunday with Faber vs. Pulver. It's weird, but all of the event actually make me a little weary.
Gina Carano failed to make weight. Kimbo is being overhyped, again. Kaitlin Young is getting little notice outside the "hardcores". The idiotic op-eds are pouring in. For whatever reason I'm having trouble getting fired up. Hopefully the event is really, really kickass.
WEC 34 looks like it should be a decent event. The top two fights on the card feature at least two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Unfortunately they're not fighting each other. Urijah Faber faces off with Lil' Evil, which should be entertaining if nothing else. Versus is advertising it as the greatest MMA fight EVARZ. Literally....

Err. OK...while I admire Pulver and Faber, I'm not calling anything the greatest anything ever until I see it happen. Isn't that a little hyperbolic? A lot hyperbolic?

Miguel Torres also fights on the card. Not many people outside the angry fat internet community knows Torres, but he's fuckin' awesome. He completely clowned Chase Beebe to take his bantamweight WEC belt, and rocks the badass meximullet and dirt stache. As Faber himself have to be tough to bring that shit into the ring. I read a story (on sherdog va fightlinker)about his first fight...he needed to cut down larger shorts since he couldn't afford trunks that fit, his mom tried to stop him when they brought his opponent in, his cut-down trunks were transparent under the bright lights so it looked like he was fighting in his jock. What'd he do? Broke the motherfucker he was fighting's jaw. Thats how you respond to adversity right there.

Thanks to the miracle of DVR, I won't have to decide if I sit and watch any of the fights. I'll see them at some point or another. I wish I could get as jacked up as I was for say BJ-Sherk last weekend. Well...the day is young yet. I wonder if there's any kind of beverage I could consume that would get me excited to see some violence? I'll check google.

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