Saturday, May 31, 2008

shorter EliteXC CBS recap.

Kimbo-Thompson: i'll bet you the doctor told the ref if that blood balloon on his head popped, he'd better stop the fight. as in, EliteXC begged the doctor to let that fight go on and he told them that was the condition.
As for the stoppage, it may have saved Thompson's life.

pretty good event all told. good punch from thompson to the ref.

lawler-smith? lemme see act 2.

Carano-Young? Wow. Gina hits hard. Wonder if she can make weight?

baroni-villasenor: fuckin baroni. hang it up already. the game has passed you by.

Rogers-whoever that guy was- Rogers vs. Kimbo = Kimbo KTFO.

Undercard: interesting. The war of the View. Some dominant BJJ. Nick Serra's a bitch.

All in all, 2 stars out of 4. if they'd let smith vs. lawler continue it would have gotten 3.

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