Monday, March 3, 2008

UFC 82

Me and my brother hunkered down to watch a black screen with no picture on it ons Saturday night, considering emergency plans of going to my house or a bar or something while his wife called tech support. After about 45 minutes I looked at the channel, he'd bought the HD feed by accident. For some reason the fucking tech support person never asked what channel we'd bought (We can't see anything on channel 798! Oh, no wonder sir, that's the HD channel. Do you have HD?)
So we found the non-HD channel and came in in the middle of Fitch-Wilson. Kind of a dull fight, though Fitch is a tough character to eke out a win against a much better than expected fighter.
We also failed to DVR it correctly, so Chris ended up staying awake til 4AM watching it again.
The main event was okay at first then a bit disappointing, I was rooting for Hendo. I've been rooting for that guy for a long time. He's a class act, and he'll be back.
Anderson Silva vs. Yushin don't have to be a genius to figure that out. Once he beats Yushin, is there anyone left for him to fight at 185? He could fight a series of out-matched TUF fighters with dangerous possibilities...but the risks really outweigh the rewards. Say he beats the tar out of Patrick Cote. Who gives a shit? But if Cote, while having his tar-removal duly processed, throws out some eyes-closed Lebenschtrike and catches the Spider flush, knocking him out colder than Dana White's heart? That would suck. So Yushin is the only guy left with the chops who can claim to fight Silva...he's even got a "win" over him, though the tape is owned by EliteXC I believe.
Decent card, all in all. I wish we hadn't tarded out quite so hard on the PPV purchasing.

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