Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ryan Jensen
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jake shields-drew fickett canceled because of a back injury to shields' shoulder. god damn it.
On the plus side, ryan jensen was signed to fight joey villasenor on short notice, after cyborg had to cancel. that's a badass replacement at the last second. ryan's got a win over travis fulton and one over curtis stout, but two straight losses to leites and meaiaiaiaia in the UFC. 11-3 overall.
i actually listened to "the low blow" on itunes today, fightlinker's podcast. Pretty good, i just hope they don't do it sober. i think at some point that jake and ryan will come out of the closet for each other tho.


Anonymous said...

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esther cerise lin said...

HAHA. Man, even your spam comments are amusing.

The day before the fight, I was actually talking to Ryan Jensen in the laundry room at the hotel. I am kind of buds with Joey, so obviously I was rooting for him, but Jensen was super nice, really cool - and of course, he's a good fighter, so I was sad to see him lose.

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