Tuesday, June 19, 2007

San Caplan has not one...

but TWO MMA interviews up.
Phil Baroni Sherdog, who's fighting Frank Shamrock this Friday, and Manny Gamburyan Sherdog, who's fighting Nate Diaz for the Ultimate Fighter 5 title this Saturday. I'm rooting for Manny.

Here's Baroni on Shamrock, from Sam's Five Ounces of Pain blog on cbssportsline.com:

As a person, he's not a good guy -- I think he's a scumbag, and I think he's an idiot. I really don't respect him as a person. I think he's a horrible businessman who f---s with a lot of people. He tries to play by his own rules. He's not honorable at all. I think he's a hypocrite in what he says.

Phil droppin' the f-bombs. The funny part is right before that he mentions how he respects Shamrock as a fighter.

I recommend reading and also following Sam's blog. Good stuff with sources, like, you know, and actual journalist!

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