Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bodog on ION

whatching the Bodog show on ION from Costa Rica, they've shown Nick "The Goat" Thompson vs. a guy named Denes who doesn't show up on Sherdog, and Eddie Alvarez vs. Henze. Nick and Eddie dominated, and they're going to show the pay-per-view from the Fedor-Lindland event from a couple months ago that I watched with my brother. Alvarez is a pretty interesting fighter...I'd like to see him in the UFC some day. He got dominated by Thompson in that fight tho, and Thompson won the "belt" for Bodog's Welterweight division. rewatching this bout, there's no damn way Thompson should be a welterweight...he's 6'1" and Alvarez looks like a midget...I guess if a guy cuts weight...
The first round on a second viewing was closer than I remembered. But still, I'd like to see Thompson as a middleweight. He's got great standup and he's a crafty fighter...Thompson vs. Spider Silva might be a good fight.

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