Monday, September 15, 2008

performify at MMAJ

Breaking down the "Heavyweight tournament" being run by the UFC.
While I remain impressed by the UFC's ability to manage the HW division while beset on all sides by adversity, the fact of the matter is they are trying to set up a former pro wrestler as their main heavyweight contender.
Randy Couture served in the armed forces, battled as an Olympic alternate, opened a successful string of gyms, starred in a god-awful movie that's selling tons of DVDs to foreigners with poor taste, and WON UFC TITLES in two different weight classes. FIVE TIMES.
Frank Mir beat Brock Lesnar, survived a horrific motorcycle accident that nearly killed him, broke Tim Sylvia's fuckin' arm on TV, and WON THE UFC HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE.
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was run over by a fucking truck as a child, losing part of his liver and laying in a coma for five days, he's beaten Dan Henderson, Mark Coleman, Heath Herring (three times!), Ricco Rodriguez (when he wasn't a fat-assed wife-moving drunk, Josh Barnett, Cro Cop, and Bob Sapp, he's never been submitted or KO'd, and he WON THE PRIDE FC HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE.
Brock Lesnar was a decorated amateur wrestler and won the NCAA title in 2000. He fake wrestled in the US and Japan. He's 2-1 in MMA competition. He has 17 minutes and 39 seconds of MMA experience.

That guy is going to fight for a piece of the heavyweight belt against Randy Couture.

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Reverend Clint said...

God damn does Brock look like he belongs in the TotenKopf Division

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